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Published in 1932, a novel by Aldous Huxley, entitled “A Brave New World”, described a fantasized society of the far future which has, as time progresses, becomes less a fantasy and more a possibility.  This society controlled by an authoritarian centralized government practices mass breeding of humans in laboratories, called hatcheries, replacing normal maternal reproduction; this included mass cloning and the conditioning of groups of fertilized ova to effect classifications of humans with certain physical and mental capabilities.  In addition, post birth conditioning provides psychological & physiological effects which results in selected groups having aptitudes and inclinations for specific occupations (i.e., factory workers, farmers, engineers, scientists’ etc.)  Since parents are no longer necessary, birth control pills and sexual promiscuity are the norm, non addictive drugs are designed to replace alcohol and addictive drugs to provide equivalent relief from the pressures of daily life and entertainment is enhanced to include sensual, as well as, visual effects.  Those who still practice a family way of life through natural birth are called “savages” and live on a reservation.

In this new millennium the fantasized society created in writing by Huxley seventy years ago alarmingly appears to possibly be in the offing should our present society continue on the path it has chosen to follow.   Clearly the advent of birth control pills, progress in gene engineering, transplanting of sperm and/or ova to surrogate mothers, development of stem cell lines that could lead to human cloning, the actual cloning of animals and breakthroughs in research producing drugs to effect both physical and mental behavior leads to this conclusion.  However, it is not to this scientific progress that we should be solely concerned.   Of greater concern is the direction that our society is being driven by an establishment that, in accepting existing conditions, leads us in the direction of the Brave New World.  Since Huxley has provided us with a future with which we may be confronted, this then allows us the opportunity to examine what possibilities may be available to society to change the conditions leading to a type of  world similar to that envisioned by him.

From what we have learned, the procreation of human beings on this earth, over these many centuries, has been due to the physical sexual act taking place between a male and female.  That is until the latter part of the twentieth century the result of fertilization by male sperm of a mature egg released from the ovaries of a female was accomplished through sexual intercourse occurring between a female and male, represented as the mother and father.  in vitro fertilization medical techniques now have developed allowing the fertilization process to be altered to the point that the male sperm and impregnated female egg can be implanted in the womb of an agreeable recipient surrogate wherein the developing embryo becomes a fetus and birth occurs after 38 to 40 weeks.  These developments have profound social significance.

The development of civilization has occurred based on the normal biological relations between a man and a woman.  This has resulted in the formation of a family structured environment in which children are raised.  It is obvious that this family environment has been deteriorating.  We see fewer commitments to marriage, high divorce rates, increasing teen-age pregnancies resulting in single parent households, abandoned children and more social acceptance of a homosexual life style.  In addition we see a feminist movement which does not emphasize the importance of a traditional family structure; one wherein a great deal of emphasis is placed on the mother's role in taking care of the children and the home.

Now, the ability to essentially create “test tube” babies provides the means of implementing the type of social structure envisioned in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”.  In his book the humans created in laboratories were educated from birth through a learning process, including environmental conditioning to become the type of worker the Government desired.   Parents, increasingly relying on the government education in our present day society, seemingly are not aware of the subtle indoctrination of their children.  This indoctrination provided by a monopolistically government controlled public educational system directed by what has become an ideological single political consensus devoid of moral and ethical values.  A system  where the greater majority of parents have no alternative but to allow their children to continue to be brain washed by an ideology that is leading us to this brave new world described by Huxley.

What can we do to attempt to reverse this trend?  Any answer must begin by making a sufficient number of our citizens conscious of what is happening and having them understand that they have to get their children out of the public education system.  In the State of California home schooling, authorized under a 1994 Charter School law, is taking hold and hopefully other states either presently have such laws or they are under consideration.  If not, citizens can make their concern known to their state legislators.  In addition, legislators at both the state and federal level must be pressured to provide for vouchers allowing parents to send their child to a non public school of their choice.  This should be especially true for those parents falling into the lower income group. Even better would be completely ending government involvement in education as advocated by the Alliance for the Separation of School and State.

There also should be no disagreement with the premise that a stay at home parent provides the best environment for children.  Unfortunately, over the past 30 to 40 years income and especially FICA taxes have forced both parents to work in order to support their family.  For instance, back in the 1950’s and 60’s only the income of one parent was used to qualify for a home loan since most families had one stay at home parent.  Thus, restructuring of the Social Security program to allow for at least some of the FICA tax to go into private savings and a true reduction in income taxes would be positive steps.  However, the most important element that must return to the importance it once held in our society is the conviction that the family structure is fundamental to a morally healthy society.  This along with the need for couples to respect the commitment and responsibility they assumed when they decided to become parents.

The brave new world of Aldous Huxley need not arrive but indifference to what is taking place, leading us to that world, will surely enhance its possibility.  Spread the word.
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