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                          Chopin CDs'                                 Beethoven CDs'                     Bach CDs'                   Tchiakovsky CDs'
                                                                              The Classics
These classics exemplify the genius of european composers and the influence of their music on western culture.  Artur Rubenstein takes the listener masterfully through selections of Chopin and Beethoven. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos is presented by the Boston Baroque and Martin Pearlman recorded  splendidly on period instruments in 1993 and 1994.  This presentation of Tchaikovsky's exciting 1812 overture is one of the all-time classic recordings.  The 1812, recorded in 1958, includes the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, the University of Minnesota Brass Band, a French 1775 cast bronze cannon cast resident at West Point, and the bells of the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon in Manhattan's Riverside Church. Wellington's Victory, recorded in 1960, is played by the London Symphony Orchestra with a pair of 6-pound cannon and a 12- pound howitzer, along with French and British muskets.

  Andres Segovia CDs'                          Laurindo Almeida CDs'                   John Williams CDs'       Carlos Montoya CDs'
                                                                 Classical Guitar
For those affecionados of classical guitar these artists are well known.  The renditions are like tonic to the senses.

      Diana Krall  CDs'        John Pizzarelli CDs'        Stan Getz CDs'        Dave Brubeck CDS'     Oscar Peterson CDs'
Diana and John are contemporary jazz artists playing classic jazz of  the 40's, 50's and 60's with nuances of their generation.  Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck are the classic jazz artists of their day performing music that will never die.

   Charlie Byrd CDs'            Stan Getz CDs'           Getz & Peterson              Getz & Gilberto         Sinatra & Jobim

                   Sergio Mendez CDs'                               Quincy Jones CDs'      Laurindo Almeida CDs'   Astrud Gilberto CDs'
                                                                         The Latin Beat
Bossa Nova has the sophisticated latin beat that provides romance to the melody.  These artists convey that feeling in their respective rendering of these latin classics.
--------------------------------------------------------- Sophisticated Jazz -------------------------------------------------------

     Ted Heath CDs' & Tribute to Glenn Miller          Count Basie CDs'                                                           Duke Ellington CDs'
These artists particularly bring quality to the big band sound and the selections chosen are most pleasing to the senses.

Harry Connick Jr. CDs'                      Django Reinhardt CDs';                     Gerry Mulligan CDs'     George Shearing CDs'
The Harry Connick Jr. album is one of his earliest and best recordings.  The big band sound supporting his piano and vocal renderings add to the excellent swing jazz selections.  The sounds of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli and their "Quintet from the Hot Club of France" are distinct and unique.  From their inception in 1934 through the 40's and 50's they recorded hundreds of the jazz hits of that period.  Reinhardt's guitar improvisations are mind boggling especially since two of the fingers on his left hand were paralyzed.  Rounding out this group of CDs' are those of Gerry Mulligan and George Shearing felt to be of their best ever recorded.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Swing Jazz ---------------------------------------------------------------

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