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Homosexuality Is Not Normal
By Ben Cerruti
Why do homosexual couples who wish to establish a union between themselves insist on having the government allow them to be endowed with the same marriage title provided to heterosexual couples? Why are they not satisfied with being provided the same legal provisions in the form of a title called "civil union"? A single answer to both questions is obvious. They want society to consider their relationship normal. The reason the government should not concede to their demands is also obvious. Their relationship is not normal because man and woman were put on this earth with complementary sex organs meant to procreate the species.
My reading of the U.S. Constitution is that it guarantees freedom to individuals provided their actions do not infringe upon the freedom of other individuals. Thus, in regards to homosexuality, individuals with that preference are free to indulge themselves providing their indulgence does not affect the freedoms that non-homosexuals have. By claiming normality in their relationships homosexuals, and attempting to use the government to legally bless their unions, they hope to indoctrinate society to accept it as so. In this process they are affecting one of the freedoms most parents desire to have for their children. That is to have them educated with the understanding of homosexuality that they consider to be self evident. Granted that people have abused this basic tenet of nature in many ways, including homosexuality, this does not alter what should be seen by any rational mind as the fact that homosexuality is not normal.
As the Encyclopedia Britannica so well states, "In the biological evolutionary scale, the more complex the species, the longer the offspring is dependent on its mother for survival from the time of birth to maturity. Human beings, at the top of the evolutionary scale, require the most time of all species to reach maturity. This imposes increased duties on human parents for the care of their children. The best chance for the successful development of the child into adulthood occurs when both parents are deeply involved throughout the period of child rearing. Hence, marriage lays the foundation for the traditional nuclear family, whose basic constituents are a mother, a father, and a child and which is the primary unit for ensuring the procreation of human beings and the preservation of their societies."
It is troubling that public schools have moved to force acceptance of the homosexual life style as a normal one. Given the tacit approval of society, the strong sex drive in teenagers may already have led some of them, who would not previously have done so, into the homosexual arena. This practice promotes a way of life that many Americans feel weakens the family structure that history aptly demonstrates is the moral backbone of a society. That is why many of us feel that public schools should leave the teaching of subject matter relating to social issues to the parents. They should stick to teaching essentially only the 3 R’s. Better yet, it would be well to consider turning over government schools to the private sector so that education will no longer be politicized.
This is not to say that we should not advocate to all our citizens, whether they be adults or children, to respect the rights of others. Most citizens who believe as I do regarding what is a normal life style also are law abiding citizens and do respect the right of anyone, in our open society, to live the type of life they desire as long as it does not affect the right of anyone else to do the same. However, to disregard the obvious and give in to those who in their own selfishness would wantonly alter society to suit themselves would destroy the idea of a traditional nuclear family and send our society in a very dangerous hedonistic direction.
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