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This morning I posed myself the following questions, “why can’t the causes behind the acts of terrorism on our country dating back a decade be determined by a rational analysis?” and “why can’t  we wean ourselves away from dependence on the resources of the region of the world that threatens us?”.  I decided to attempt the task of responding to these questions based upon the following: Causes are sometimes easy to understand but difficult to resolve.  One such  cause is the Israel-Palestinian struggle that has created support by the majority of Muslim living in middle eastern countries for the plight of the Palestinian people.  This is reflected by the financial support by wealthy citizens of countries, such as Saudi Arabia, of acts of terrorism emanating from that region. Although many Muslims have stated they will settle only for complete elimination of Israeli’s from that regions the realization of Palestinian state would be the only realistic way towards diminishing this attitude over time.  Along with this should be the assurance that the security of the Israeli’s would be guaranteed by all parties including world powers.

The Mitchell Plan, wherein there would be an independent Palestinian state at an appropriate time in the near future, offers a fundamental resolution but it would require a very important additional provision to be effective. The provision would provide for an international military force that would guarantee the security of both parties for as many years in the future as required.  Even if the United States had to provide an inordinate amount of the funding for the force it would be worth it to the American taxpayer as a price for guaranteeing their own security.  By removing the major cause creating support for the terrorists it will reduce their ability to conduct harmful acts.

Another cause for the United States to involve itself in that part of the world is the need for oil.  The obvious resolution would be to minimize the need for middle east oil.  This can only be realized by acting in two ways:

In both cases the United States has the ability to act to move in the directions indicated. To effect such action requires the support of the greater majority of our citizenry.  American people must be made to understand through clearly enunciated government communication that their own well being and security  takes precedence over all else including the interests of various activist organizations.

Finally, it must be recognized that the existence of different cultures and religions have been and will be with us for the foreseeable future and must be realistically dealt with.   The fact that the Islamic religion is predicated on the Koran that explicitly intertwines church and state, not allowing for separation, complicates the ability to deal with those governments especially relating to human rights. The religion itself, derived from the 7th century writings of Mohammed - a human being - is clearly unlike others that have evolved.  A sentence from the Encyclopedia Britannica (Religion) states it well “the Islamic conception of religion is too much interwoven with what is external and political to furnish  favorable field for theological development”.  The fact that the Koran treats women as effective servants, dominated by males, it would seem should evoke criticism of the so called religion as not being a true religion and thus discrediting it.  However, governments of the world are reluctant to state this truth for fear of destabilization of the Islamic community.  At some point, truth must be enunciated by the leaders of democratically governed countries along with pledges of support to those Islamic governments that adapt forms of government separating church from state.

Thus, in summation and in order of importance resolution to the causes of Islamic terrorism should be:

There are no utopian solutions to any of the world’s problems but, in this case, there are steps that can be taken that could be of great help in creating a better, if not perfect, environment in which to live.

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