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BOOKS ON ISLAMIC TERRORISM   See essays by clicking on   Understanding Islamic Terrorism and  Cause of Islamic Terrorism
The World's Religions - Huston Smith details the critical elements of the beginnings of each of the world's religions and describes to the reader basic principles and ideas of each religion to leave the reader an opportunity to compare and to contrast for oneself. Muhammad- Martin Ling provides a reflection of how the Muslim world traditionally thinks of Muhammad and it assists the Western reader in understanding  the traditional interpretation of his life and mission. It helps in understanding Islamic belief and the position that Muhammad occupies in traditional Islamic values  The Holy Quran - Text, Translation and Commentary. It is considered to be the best known, most studied, and most respected English translation of the Qur'an. Fighting Terrorism - Netanyahu shows how America/West can confront terrorism vis-Ã -vis the anti-terrorism security model that Israel has. His basic premise is that you have to be firm and tough on terrorism. New Jackals - Ramzi Yousef, a British-educated terrorist,  masterminded the bombing attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Drawing on unpublished reports, interrogation files, interviews with FBI agents, intelligence sources and government figures including Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistani Prime Minister, Simon Reeve gives a harrowing account of Yousef's bombings, offers a revealing insight into his background, and details the FBI's man-hunt to catch him. He explains how Yousef was one of bin Laden's first operatives and documents bin Laden's life and emergence as the leader of a potent terrorist organization. The Origins of Terrorism - "Pursue[s] the pathology of terrorism through the centuries.  The Rise of the Islamic EmpireBased on the premise that fundamentalist Islam will, by the end of the 1990s, peace and "the very survival of the human species", Anthony Dennis discusses the transformation of Islam from a religious to a revolutionary movement.  He contends that, in its present form, Islam is  used by political dictators to justify their quest for power. The conclusion is made that 'while the Soviet Empire was breaking up and dying, another empire founded upon another set of ideals was just being born.  Stressing the danger posed by Islamic fundamentalism, Dennis remarks that "since the early days of the Islamic revolution inside Iran, the threat of fundamentalist Islam to world peace and human progress and advancement has only grown larger".

BOOKS DEALING WITH THE NEED FOR TRUE CAMPAIGN REFORM   See essay by clicking on True Campaign Reform
Dollars and Votes - Clawson, Neustadtl & Weller provid a concise account of the mechanisms by which wealthy individuals and corporate interests manipulate the legislative process. The Government Racket - Martin Gross  lays out evidence of big government spending in American government, alleging that the social security fund is empty and in debt, that the government spends 2 trillion dollars annually, and that millions are wasted on frivolous projects. Provides a blueprint for government reform and more. The Constitution of Liberty -  Frederic Hayek, considered an important intellectual and economic thinker, provides a rational explanation of what the founders of the United States had in mind.  He lays out the fundamental arguments for limited government. Law Legislation and Liberty- Here Hayek's exlains why he is against the totalitarians and their thought about legislation. He tells that legislation is not the tool to reconstruct the people and the economical relationships between them, but it is the method to explain the irrationally and naturally developing law more clearly. Perpetuating the Pork Barrel - Stein & Bicker explain how our present laws allow those in government to continue to use tax dollars to perpetuate their own careers along with the pork they dispense. Congressional Committees - Cass Sandak does a good job of explaining the innerworkings of the committees of Congress. Even though this book covers only has the committees of the 105th Congress, it none the less explains fairly accuratly the makeup and inner composition of one important part of our nations Legislative branch.  Turf Wars - For most bills in American legislatures, the issue of turf--or which committee has jurisdiction over a bill--can make all the difference. Turf governs the flow and fate of all legislation. In this innovative study, David C. King explains how jurisdictional areas for committees are created and changed in Congress.

MILTON FRIEDMAN - HIS AND RELATED BOOKS ON ECONOMICS   Click to read his article  A Primer on the Federal Funds Rate
Awarded the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize for economic science, he is recognized as a pioneer in the development of monetary economic theory.  A theory that emphasizes the importance of the relationship of the quantity of money to economic cycles and inflation.  Especially outstanding is Friedman's "Free to Choose"wherein he deals with the advantages of a free market in a manner understandable by any lay person.  His other books provide more detailed fundamental & historical information.  Frederic Hayek's warning against the dangers of state control over the means of production was not heeded when " The Road to Serfdom" was first published in 1944. He discusses individualism and collectivism, economic control and totalitarianism, and the socialist roots of Naziism. This 50th anniversary edition includes an introduction commenting on the rise of socialism after WWII and the transitions from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe, plus three prefaces from previous editions." Price Theory"an uthoritative and definitive textbook on Price Theory.  The material may be more difficult than some textbooks but this is, after all, economics Chicago style. Price Theory offers a rigorous and demanding treatment of the subject, exactly what a serious student should want.

Published in 1776, "AN INQUIRY INTO THE NATURE AND CAUSE OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONSbecame indispensible to students of economics upon its publication and has had profound influence on economic theory to this day.  It was preceded by "THE THEORY OF MORAL SENTIMENTS" which dealt with the nature of mankind and provided a foundation for the later book. "ON MORAL SENTIMENTS" spans over one hundred years of critical responses, the collection includes three different sections: the initial reply from Smith's friends David Hume, Edmund Burke, and William Robertson;  the more considered opinions put forward by Smith's contemporaries, such as Lord Kames, Thomas Reid, Adam Ferguson, and Dugald Stewart; and the later nineteenth-century, largely critical, views expressed by a new generation of philosophers. "THE NEW FEDERALISM" deals with the growth of the federal government in recent years and its failure to resolve many major problems have ignited a serious new debate.  There are some that suggest that reinvigorating America federalism--returning a variety of regulatory and police powers back to the states--may better solve many of these problems. Ferejohn and Weingast confront these issues as it investigates the central question of the newAmerican federalism: whether it will yeild better government.The authors of "The New Federalism: Can the States Be Trusted?" conclude that the answer is a qualified yes. Joseph Zimmerman, in his "CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FEDERALISM ",  traces the development of the U.S. federal system from 1789 to the present day by focusing on the shifting balance of power between the nation and the states. He introduces the theories of federalism and explains how they can be used to understand the system as it was originally drawn up and as it operates now. All the important trends in national-state relations are examined, with particular attention being given to the preemption by the federal legislature and judiciary of the powers and authority of the states.

BILL BENNETT - HIS BOOKSs                                                                See essay by clicking on  Education and Morals
" THE BOOK OF VIRTUES"is meant to attract and inspire people to understand the nature of and embrace good moral and ethics. This is accomplished by way of assembling a collection of stories and verses of the past in the former and and then utilizing folk stories from the various civilizations of the world to illustrate the progress through life in the latter.  In "THE CHILDREN'S BOOK OF VIRTUES" Bennett teams up with artist Michael Hague to take his message one step further in creating a format specifically directed at children. Bennett is joined by two other former Department of Education professionals in providing parents of K-8 children a reference in "THE EDUCATED CHILD" providing traditional methods of determining what constitutes a good education.  With "THE CHILDREN'S BOOK OF FAITH" and "THE CHILDREN'S BOOK OF HEROES" Bennett again endeavors to inspire children with stories that demonstrate the importance of faith in the former and with stories and illustrations of heroes and their deeds in the latter that stand as examples to follow. "OUR SACRED HONOR" endeavors to instill in its readers the values of our country's founders in stories, letters, poems and speeches of that historical time.

ALDOUS HUXLEY - HIS BOOKS                                                         See essay by clicking on Do We Want This New World
This essay provides a glimpse into Huxley's most noted novel "BRAVE NEW WORLD".  In "THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION" Huxley writes on his studies of the effect of mind-expanding drugs on the human consciosness.  When   published in 1928, "POINT COUNTER POINT shockingly represented infedelity, sexuality, and the antics of arty characters.  Huxley also includes pro and con points on science, politics, religion and art.  Both a document and a handbook, " In Huxleys " ISLAND"he describes a utopian society adjusted to the best of human nature. The society is socially engineered and provides insight into what is good and bad about society and mankind.  "MOKSHA" takes the reader into psychedelics and the visionary experience.  Huxley, by way of essays tells why he turned to psychedelics as a tool for spiritual exploration.  "COMPLETE ESSAYS" represent a broad part of Huxley's writing life and he covers most significant topics.  "COLLECTED SHORT STORIES" demonstrates his mastery of the short story.

AYN RAND - HER BOOKS                                                                               See essay by clicking on  Altruism Is An Act
In this array of interesting books Ayn Rand promotes her philosophy of Objectivism, one that holds man' life, proper to a rational being, as the standard of moral values and regards altruism as incompatible with man's nature and a free society.  The novels," THE FOUNTAINHEAD"," ATLAS SHRUGGED"," ANTHEM", " WE THE LIVING" all in varying plots carry her message.  The other listed books take specific subject matter from which to convey her message.

Judge Bork, noted for the rejection of his Supreme Court appointment by the Senate, expresses in "THE TEMPTING OF AMERICA" and "SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAH" his views on constitutional government that created such objections from the constructionists - and - the moral decadence occurring in society. " THE ANTITRUST PARADOX" is a scholarly, yet accessible, examination of the history of the nation's antitrust laws.  Allan Bloom, a distinguished political philosopher of his time, argues in " CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND", in a clearly rational manner, that the social/political crisis of 20th-century America is really an intellectual crisis.  In " LOVE & FRIENDSHIP"he argues pursuasively that we live in a world where love and friendship is withering away, replaced by the social acceptance of carnal fulfillment. " SHAKESPEARE ON LOVE & FRIENDSHIP" is a group of essay's wherein he discusses the pleasure and ambiguity of the highest sort of friendship.  He writes about Hal and Falstaff, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Ulysses, Hector, Mercurtio, Friar Laurance, Prospero, Octavius, Achilles and others. In "BEATING THE UNBEATABLE FOE" Dr. Frederick Schwarz, a recognized astute student of Communism, discusses his lifelong study of the pathological nature of communism's basic ideas, and his battle to defeat this "unbeatable foe".

"THE STORY OF PHILOSOPHY" is a brilliant and concise account of the lives and ideas of the great philosophers -- Plato, Aristotle, Bacon, Spinoza, Voltaire, Kant, Schopenhauer, Spencer, Nietzsche, Bergson, Croce, Russell, Santayana, James and Dewey --.  The balance of the books listed herein are a part of Will and Ariel Durant's "STORY OF CIVILIZATION", a broad panorama of human endeavor.  The " LESSONS OF HISTORY" is considered a part of this series written to evaluate what has been learned.

In his works, Stephen Ambrose, noted biographer and historical writer, takes the readers through episodes in WWII in a manner to relive that time and action.  " DDAY" in particular draws from 1400+ interviews Ambrose had with Americans, British, Canadian, French and German veterans to create a chronicle of what many consider the most important day in the 20th Century.  Ambrose provides the introduction to the reissued edition of " UP FRONT" by cartoonist Bill Mauldin.  Mauldin documented the adventures and misadventures of dogfaces Willie and Joe, symbols of the hard-pressed infantry, "the group which gives more and gets less than anybody else." In the reissue, Mauldin joins an absorbing narrative account of just how hellish combat is to a selection of those cartoons.  Robert Stinnett in his " DAY OF DECEIT" goes through the prelude to WWII using recently released "freedom of information act" documents to reveal the terrible secrets that have never before been disclosed to the public.  This information shows that the famous "surprise" attack was no surprise to our country's leaders.  It painfully reminds us that the 3,000 military men killed and wounded during that attack was considered by some to be a small price to pay to justify to the American people the need to enter the fray.

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