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A Rational Advocate
"The most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason"

Information gathered in the present, combined with that obtained and processed over past periods of time, is reprocessed by our mind. If the past information is either not factual or erroneously perceived, judgments reached will not have validity. To achieve validity, reason based on factual information must be utilized as the basis for making reevaluations of past judgments and evaluations of all new judgments. This website's purpose is to advance this rationale.

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The Biography of Ben Cerruti

Now a senior citizen, Ben Cerruti has been involved in espousing his views in writing for the last 20 plus years. He has been published numerous times in various San Francisco bay area newspapers and has been actively involved in taking positions on ballot measures to the point of writing the arguments and rebuttals and appearing on television to state his position. He has been involved in ongoing correspondence with Milton Friedman, noted nobel laureate in economics, over the last 10 years and a series of sets of this correspondence can be presently viewed on his website

His background included periods with his own manufacturer's representative business, as well as, with the securities business as a registered representative. His education comprises gaining a BSEE degree at UC Berkeley, postgraduate study in business, economics, marketing and other studies including the operation of securities and commodities exchanges, economic factors affecting financial markets, business operations and financial statements.

A lifetime conservative he is presently being published on several websites including his own.

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